10.15  Application of Environmental Contour Lines
11.15  Future Trends in the Application of Spar Platforms
11.45  Second Order Force and Response of a Cylindrical FPSO in Random Waves
12.15  Hydrodynamic Interaction of Semi-submersible-Spar System Interconnected by a Rigid -Yoke
14.00  Low Cycle Fatigue Assessment of Side Shell Details of an FPSO
14.30  Effects of Sloshing on Global Wave Loads of a FPSO Vessel
15.30  Mechanism of viscous damping of Spar-type structures and heave plates
16.00  Slowly Varying Motion of a Semi-Submersibles Predictions and Comparisons with Measurements
16.30  Short -Term Prediction of Extreme Ice Loads on Ship Hull
9.10  Risk Assessment of LNG Carriers Under Anticipated New Circumstances
9.30  The Effect of Distortion on the Buckling Strength of Stiffened Panels
10.00  Hydrodynamic Behaviour of the Grouped SLOR
11.00  Modelling of Steel Catenary Risers (SCRs) Installation by Pre-Abandonment Recovery & Transfer Method
11.30  The Technical and Practical Challenges of Installing the Ormen Lange Pipelines
12.00  Fatigue Analysis of Staged Pipelay Operations
14.00  Six-degrees of Freedom Motions of Spar Platform in Irregular Waves
14.30  Efficient Dynamic Modelling of Deep Water Moorings and Risers
15.00  Fuzzy Risk Assessment for Spread Moor?ng Systems
16.00  An Investigation on the effect of current directionality on riser vortex-induced vibration
16.30  A RANs Investigation of Breaking Wave Vertical Acceleration
9.00  Meeting Challenging Steel Catenary Risers (SCR) Fatigue Performance Using Standard 1% Nickel Wire
9.30  Experimental Validation of a 3-Dimensional Umbilical Cross-Section Model
10.00  Developing a Deepwater Construction and Pipelay Fleet
11.00  Fatigue Analysis of Corners in Edge Attachment Details