About ASRANet

ASRANet was established in 1999 with UK EPSRC support, in order to bring together researchers and practitioners with interests in using Structural Reliability Analysis (SRA) with Advanced Structural Analysis (ASA) to solve challenging engineering problems. The need to draw these disciplines together was seen as important for the future safety management of a wide range of engineering structures. Ten years on, the early promise has been fully justified but further development and effective dissemination remain key to their successful implementation in different situations. Furthermore, the Quantitative Risk Assessment (QRA) framework, within which SRA and ASA are incorporated, is an increasingly important subject occupying industry, as well as policy makers and regulators.


  • To identify the research required, in conjunction with industry actively involved in these areas
  • To document current practices and trends
  • To establish ‘best practice’ guidelines
  • To generate case studies and benchmark test results
  • To ensure that research results are disseminated to industry, and to help practitioners use these results
  • To promote understanding of industrial and regulatory needs in adopting risk management procedures