Conference Objectives

Following the success of previous ASRANet Colloquia (Glasgow 2002, Barcelona 2004, Glasgow 2006, Athens 2008), the Organising Committee now invites papers from researchers and practitioners in Advanced Analysis, Risk and Reliability for the 5th Conference, to be held in Edinburgh on 14-16 June 2010.
The Conference intends to draw on recent experience in order to explore the full range of methods and procedures relevant to uncertainty modelling, reliability assessment and risk-based life-cycle management of engineering structures. Contributions involving generic methodologies and case studies, as well as comparative assessment across different industrial sectors are welcomed.

Proposed Themes

  • Stochastic computational mechanics
  • Reliability-based design optimisation
  • Systems reliability
  • Probabilistic deterioration analysis
  • Probabilistic multi-scale material modelling
  • Intelligent use of monitored data
  • Life-cycle assessment and optimization
  • Failure consequence analysis
  • Risk integration and Control
  • Human and organisational factors
  • Socio-economic factors in risk acceptance
  • Risk communication
  • Risk Management
Applications may include bridges, power plants, marine and offshore structures, tall buildings, masts and towers, pipelines, etc. Approaches for both individual structural systems and portfolios of structures will be of interest, particularly in the context of meeting cost, reliability and sustainability criteria.
The programme will include invited papers whose aim will be to present the main issues relevant to the above themes and application areas, thus providing additional impetus for an open exchange of ideas.